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Taiwan spree #2 OPEN!

WELCOME to LOVE-inq.bs♥

  • NO spam-inq on tag board. one is for enquires and one is for advertisment (:
  • If you are still not sure, feel free to mail me @  (LOVE-inq.bs@hotmail.com)
  • After ordering, i'll confrim with you the order. Pls make payment within 3 days after i confirm your order. If payment not in by 3 days, your order will not be entertained unless you have a valid reason.
  • People whom does not pay within 3 days will be blacklisted.
  • Bank transfer to POSB acc (109-62044-0)
  • Items will take around 3 weeks after the closed date of the spree to arrive...(home delivery)
  • Waiting time will be around 5-10 mins if you are late. After 5-10 mins, you'll not be entertained unless there is a valid reason. (meet up collection [meet up places will for my convenience])
  • [Meet Up] Paid items that have not been collected by buyers within 1 month will be resell.
  • Normal postage will be S$1.50 (apparels) ; S$2.50 (Bags) ; S$3.00 (make up palettes). Registered postage will be additional of  S$2.45.
  • HAPPY SHOP-inq with us (: